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Frux Documents, a document retrieval and title abstracting service retrieves information in all counties in Maryland, Virginia and Delaware. We provide Residential Current Owner Searches in all counties in Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. Please see our Territory Maps. We provide services for Banks, Attorneys, Mortgage, Title and Abstracting Companies. We also supply abstracting services for investors and homeowners.


We provide 24 to 48 hour service in Maryland and Delaware and 2 to 4 days in all Virginia counties and cities. If you need great service, and accurate work Contact Us.


Our processing system allows us a paperless product, so we Email your information in Tiff or Adobe files.  We also can upload large orders on our Website for you to Download or Print.  You can have access to your link 24 hours per day for as long as you need.   


 If you have a big project or need one request, try our service. Every job is an important one. Our courthouse abstractors throughout Delmarva work hard to supply all of the information you request.  Our staff works hard to make sure this information is thorough and accurate, but also legible and comprehensive.


We search deeds, mortgages, deed of trusts, releases, assignments, modifications, judgments and tax liens, circuit cases, and bankruptcy. Our residential Current Owner Searches provide last vesting deed, all Open Mortgages, Tax & Judgment information. We provide deed chain for inner family conveyances, and if your deed is within two years, we provide the prior deed. 


Our prices vary depending on the information you request, and the county selected.  Please contact us for a pricing file and service breakdown. We Welcome You!



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