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If you are an abstractor who may be interested in joining our network, please e-mail or fax us, and let us know in which county (s) that you will be able to retrieve real estate documents. You can also fill out the form at the bottom of this page and submit it to us. We need abstractors who can provide document retrievals, residential current owners, judgment & tax liens, tax and  property reports, bankruptcy, wills,  and estate information.  If you work hard and can provide great service, we need you!


We have requests for documents in every county in Delaware, Virginia and Maryland. Abstractor Request Form (Let us know how to contact you) I would like to be an abstractor for Frux Documents.



Name_______________________________________________________ Title________________________________________________________ Company____________________________________________________ Address_____________________________________________________

Counties Covered_____________________________________________

E-Mail______________________________________________________ Fax_________________________________________________________ Phone_______________________________________________________

Two Professional References____________________________________

Do You Have A Computer/Fax?_________________________________

Do You Have Internet Access? __________________________________

What Type Of Internet Connection Do You Have? _____________




Please include the above information and email any questions to CORPORATE1@FRUXDOCUMENTS.COM


We currently have the following subcontractor positions open:


Courthouse Abstractors for all counties in Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia

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